Management Consulting

Owing to experience gained by specialists of Advice Group in different areas for many years we are capable of providing premium management consulting services. Our clients own and/or operate businesses in different industries, among which are: wood and metal processing, IT, automotive, textiles, furniture, food and beverages, agriculture, insurance, banking and finance, manufacturing, retail and leisure, real estate construction/operation and others. We are capable of providing effective solutions and practical advice in any management matter. Management consulting is closely connected to the service of project management.

Project Management

Advice Group offers project management services throughout the territory of Ukraine. Our team of project managers has accomplished a number of turnkey projects in different business sectors. Our services inter alia include: strategic planning, calculation of start-up costs, success evaluation of the project, conclusion of a business plan and development action plan, planning of acquisitions, execution of contracts, reaching set goals, monitoring and controlling of start-up stages, supervision over construction and construction related matters, company interim management, operations improvement and cost containment, performance consulting, closing of the project, transfer of operational duties etc. Upon client’s requests Advice Group project managers continue further operational management of businesses. We also provide crisis management services with the goal of business rehabilitation, temporary stoppage or shut down.


Advice Group is often requested to represent its clients both on the buy and sell sides, therefore we provide professional investment banking services. Thanks to a network of well established business relations we are capable of providing effective assistance in purchase or sale of any objects: from unfinished real estate objects to successfully operating businesses. Upon transfer of the sale/purchase task we conclude a respective proposal with a detail description of the desired/existing object and determine the target groups, which could be interested in the transaction. We also provide evaluation as well as real estate search services. Please contact us should you be interested in the existing acquisition projects of Advice Group.

Customs Services

Ukrainian customs regulations are without any doubt one of the most complicated in the world. Without local knowledge plenty of hardships may occur on the way of import/export operations. Advice Group has substantial experience in both importing and exporting goods and services. Our well established connections with customs authorities help us in executing any project on your request with no difference whether the matter at hand is a contribution to the charter capital of a Ukrainian company, import/export sale transaction or a tiling-based operation. We also provide assistance in mandatory certification procedures.

B2B Services

Our business to business services include contractor and outsourcing search, checking the credibility and reputation of the Ukrainian business partner, monitoring of the solvency of the Ukrainian business partner in bankruptcy and liquidation registers, control over the contracts execution, marketing services, logistics support and general consultancy in business related matters.



Recruitment and HR

Advice Group has substantial experience in recruitment of all types of professionals. For the years of operation we have created our own internal bases of resumes, which are regularly updated and allow us to immediately offer a number of candidates for a particular position. We receive more than 5 resumes per week and the total base of candidates constitutes of more than 1000 of persons. Thanks to well established business relations we are capable of forming a pool of qualified specialists also in narrow technical directions. On requests of clients Advice Group provides full scope of HR services, including corporate trainings in business, legal and financial directions. We also provide English/German/Russian/Ukrainian language tutors.

Legal and Post Address

In order to register a legal entity in Ukraine it is required to disclose its legal address. Advice Group provides its clients with such service as well as transfers all incoming communications and post.

Marketing & PR

Advice Group often receives requests for marketing and PR services. Such services mainly constitute of: creation of a brand and its management, formation of the public opinion on a certain matter (including in public sensitive matters), market researches, assistance in sales, communication, competition compliance, data processing and general business development. We also provide services in organization of corporate events.


Advice Group possesses own translators as well as cooperates with freelancers and high profile translations agencies. Our services consist of oral and written professional translations, notary verification of official documents translation, translations on mass events and technical translation. Advice group is well known for professional translations in legal and financial spheres, where knowledge of specific terminology is often crucial. We have great experience in translating legal documents as well as financial reports. Our main languages are English, German, Russian and Ukrainian. On request we can also assure translation from and to Spanish, Italian, Polish and others. We also provide English/German/Russian/Ukrainian language tutors.


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