Defense of IT Company within criminal proceeding

Team of Advice Group lawyers has successfully defended IT Company within criminal proceeding opened on the grounds of a criminal offense, foreseen by art. 212-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, – evasion of paying of single social payment in especially large amounts.
The specific of the case was that mentioned criminal proceeding was opened on the ground of statement of the former contractor of our Client, who aimed to cause maximum damage to Advice Group Client by distortion of the information on the commercial activity of our Client known to him.
The lawyers of the company demonstrated their high level of professionalism during all investigatory actions performed within opened criminal proceeding. It played particularly important role during search of rented premises of the Client of our company performed by almost 20 crime investigating and operative officers of Investigation Department of Chief Administration of SFS in Lviv oblast. Evidence collected by the officials of the ID of CA of SFS in Lviv oblast during such search was fundamental for resolution on closing of the criminal proceeding in accordance to the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine.
It is worth to mention that the lawyers of our company have not stopped on successful closing of the criminal proceeding. Thus, as of now Advice Group lawyers work actively on bringing to responsibility of the former contractor of our Client, who caused either material, or sufficient reputation damages to our Client by his false information.
Besides, upon the claim of our lawyers High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine opened a disciplinary proceeding regarding investigating judge, whose unsubstantiated and unlawful decisions sanctioned performing of certain investigatory actions within mentioned criminal proceeding.