Nestle Ukraine

Nestle Ukraine -is one of the biggest Ukrainian companies producing food. It`s a division of Swiss company «Nestle». It started activities in 1994 with the opening of Societe pour l'Exportation des Produits Nestlé SA office in Kyiv. The main activity of the new company was moving brands Nestle - Nescafe, Nesquik, Maggy, Nuts and Friskies to Ukrainian market. In 1998th the company became the majority shareholder of Lviv confectionery «Svitoch» and the eponymous confectionery brand. In May 2003, Nestle has made an internal «nationalization», which resulted appearance of a new company - JSC «Nestle Ukraine» in the Ukrainian market. In the same year the company purchased «Volynholding» (TM «Torchyn»). In 2010, «Nestle Ukraine» annexed to its assets JSC «Tekhnokom», which makes products under the brand «Mivina». Also in 2010, «United Business Service Centre Europe Nestle» was founded in Lviv. It combines the activities of finance and personnel management. Today, the company «Nestle Ukraine» produces products under the brands Nescafe, Nesquik, Coffee-mate, Nuts, KitKat, Lion, Purina, Gerber, Bistrof, «Torchyn», «Svitoch» and «Mivina». In 2010, total sales of «Nestle Ukraine» was 4.016 billion gryvnyas. The company employs approximately 4,500 employees. In 2011 the Ukrainian division of Nestle has become the fastest growing in Europe.