News of Dispute Resolution Practices

Once again we are convinced of the effectiveness of the new procedural codes!
We would like to share with you another victory of Igor Sokolovsky, a lawyer of dispute resolution practice. Yesterday we managed to recover from a dishonest contractor for the benefit of our client one and a half million hryvnias and almost 80 thousand court costs in the Commercial Court of Lviv Oblast.
We have proved the existence of a violation of the terms and quality of contracting. We have also obtained the Court's rejection of virtually all of the Defendant's evidence, which the latter sought to adhere to in the case of violation of the terms stipulated by the Commercial Procedure Code of Ukraine.

Moreover, the costs will be reimbursed to the client for the costs of legal aid and the involvement of expert organizations in the case, which we have also fully proved.
The adoption of such decisions already at the stage of trial by the court of the first instance testifies to the positive impact of the provisions of the new Commercial Procedure Code of Ukraine and its efficiency, which only gives us an incentive with new forces to move forward.