Pro bono. Protection of Ukrainians before Spanish Ministry of Labor

Lawyers of Advice Group are conducting a work on protection of individual rights which became a victim of an accident in Spain for receiving payment in respect with disabilities in the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Kingdom of Spain. In particular, the government intends to withdraw the victim from receiving payments due to such disability which was a result from an accident at work, arguing that the state of victims health is improving, despite the fact that special device is installed in the cardiovascular system of the victim, which keep up his life indicators in a norm. The position of the Spanish National Institute of Social Security (SNISS), which work with the Ministry seems rather contradictory, since it intends to make efforts not to give payments for victim to treat him with respect to an accident at work. It should be noted, that although SNISS has the right to make a substantiated termination of such payments being guided in its work by the Order of the Ministry of Labour of the Kingdom of Spain, no. 110 of 15 April 1969, under which termination of such payments in respect with disabilities may only be performed in exceptional circumstances, presence of which wasn’t taking place in the case involving 60-year-old citizen of Ukraine (the victim).

SNISS commission found that the victim's right for payments on temporary disability may be denied, revoked or suspended. Due to the available circumstances provided in the laws of Spain after passing the next scheduled medical examination of the victim. Thus, we could not stay aside this situation, therefore, under the provision of our professional legal services on free of charge basis (Pro bono) and as a result of high-quality and efficient legal support team of Advice Group. The lawyers of Advice Group have defended the rights of victims on adequate accrual of social benefits for temporary disability in the Kingdom of Spain.

There is not many companies in Ukraine that are engaged in pro bono activities in the field of human rights with the foreign jurisdictions. Therefore, we are glad to be able to contribute to the development of new legal and european society by providing pro bono services by lawyers in Advice Group.